Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake #cinnamonrollpokecake
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Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake #cinnamonrollpokecake

Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake

Who doesn’t love a gooey, sweet cinnamon roll complete with swirls of sugar and spice? We think the answer is “no one,” which is why it only makes sense to turn this classic breakfast treat into a dessert recipe. This cinnamon roll pound cake is everything you love about those sweet breakfast pastries, made into an easy pound cake recipe. You’re bound to love the indulgent flavors of this cake, and yet it remains easy to make and un-fussy to enjoy. This cinnamon roll cake is the perfect combination of decadence and cozy comfort.

From the Chef: The combination of cinnamon and cream cheese reminds me of Sunday mornings with my friends. We'd wake up late and head to our favorite brunch spot and gorge on sticky cinnamon rolls for the table before spending the day at a museum or the movies. This pound cake takes that leisurely Sunday morning essence and bottles it up into an after-dinner treat.
- Addie Gundry

This recipe is from RecipeLion's 103 Cookbook series, Cake!: 103 Decadent Recipes for Poke Cakes, Dump Cakes, Everyday Cakes and Special Occasion Cakes Everyone Will Love.